Best Pakistani Recipes to try in 2022

There are multiple food options you can find out as the Best Pakistani recipes. Every recipe is made with the combination of perfect ingredients, spices, and cooking methods.

Multiple traditions and cultures can be found in Pakistan. In addition to its historical sites and tourist attractions, the country is famous for its people, culture, traditions, and food.

A dish here is prepared with different methods that give exotic combinations to enjoy and love. Pakistan has its own color in every recipe, whether it’s meat, vegetables, desserts, or even beverages.

Here are some amazing or best Pakistani recipes that you should explore and enjoy:


Pakistani people are really fond of delicious and desi food. They love to eat meat and chicken dishes, particularly on any special occasion or gatherings. Nihari is one of the famous traditional dishes of the Pak-India subcontinent that is really liked almost everywhere in Pakistan.

Lamb Nihari recipe

There are specific restaurants that prepare and sell different types of nihari. The famous recipe of nihari is made by cooking the meat on low flame overnight or until it becomes tender. When the meat is cooked on low heat without a pressure cooker, it provides a perfect and aromatic flavor to the dish.

There are a lot of types of nihari such as chicken nihari, beef nihari, nalli nihari, or mutton nihari. However, shank meat is considered the best part of the meat to make nihari. Nihari is also made with different Best Pakistani Recipes by different cultures.

Yet, the basic ingredients remain the same. Roasted wheat flour mixed with water is added to nihari making the gravy thick and rich in flavor. Always remember not to add excessive flour mix as it will ruin the real texture of nihari.

Nihari is incomplete without its garnishing ingredients. Lemon wedges, brown fried onion, green chilies, and coriander leaves are indispensable for serving with nihari. People mostly prefer having naan or khamiri roti with nihari instead of plain roti. Some people even like nihari with plain boiled rice.

While making nihari, you must make sure you are using good quality meat and oil to get the perfect taste and texture. Some people also like to make nihari in desi ghee to make it richer in taste. Nihari is really popular for breakfast by Pakistani people.

It is included at every traditional event to satisfy the taste buds of guests. Make sure you make it by following one of the Best Pakistani Recipes to make your guests enjoy the scrumptious meal at your place.


Chicken Biryani

When it comes to food, Pakistani recipes are amazing with a perfect combination of spices and other ingredients. Biryani is one of the most delicious Pakistani recipes that is made with the perfect combination of rice, meat, and spices.

Chicken Biryani ready to Serve

Usually in the meat chicken is common but on the other hand beef, fish, lamb are optional and depend on the region and people’s choice. Chicken biryani is famous and loved by the people belonging to the overall Indian continental. Further, it originated from the house of Mughals and served on every special occasion.

Chicken biryani consists of multiple ingredients that vary in taste from region to region. To improve presentation and appearance, vegetables are commonly used in some regions. People will love chicken biryani more if there are potatoes added.

Biryani is versatile because of the spices it contains and the various cooking methods it uses. Across cultures, biryanis are prepared differently, with the rice boiled separately and the chicken gravy cooked separately. They are then combined in equal layers and steamed for a few minutes.

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You should pick quality ingredients when making chicken biryani. As an example, you might select the fresh whole chicken, natural mixed spices, oil, vegetables of your choice, and garnishes.

Moreover, it is important to give a proper time frame for the cooking to experience the best taste ever with the perfect aroma. In Pakistan, chicken biryani is the best Pakistani recipe served on different occasions like wedding events, gatherings, and more. People love to have and share it with their friends in gatherings.             


Raita is a refreshing and delicious cuisine that is made with yogurt and serves as an add-on with different food options. In general, people include raita as a starter or a supplement to decorate the dinner table. It contains all-natural and pure ingredients like yogurt, vegetables, mint, salt, cumin, black pepper, and any other ingredient of your choice.

Indian Raita

Pakistani food lovers appreciate this dish to pair with kebabs, samosas, and other snacks. Using different ingredients and processes, this recipe is really tempting.

You can enjoy the different types of raita like cucumber raita, lauki ka raita, mint raita, mixed vegetables raita, fruits combination raita, and much more. Every type of raita requires different ingredients and content combinations to offer the perfect taste every time.

It is the best Pakistani recipe with the variation in taste and flexibility with the ingredients to add and enjoy the ultimate flavor ever. It is great to add the yogurt with the mint, cumin and blend well then combine cucumber to enjoy the best cucumber raita taste.

While preparing the raita it is important to choose the best ingredients that are pure, natural, and fresh. The mixture with natural spices like salt, cumin, black pepper adds some taste. Moreover, it is refreshing to add some mint and enjoy the best taste ever.

You can add the ingredients of your choice by choosing the natural and fresh vegetables that make it the best Pakistani recipe. People will love to have some raita with snacks like samosa, pakora, kabab and serve with fried chicken and much more. It is refreshing and gives a soothing effect in summers.      


Aalu gobhi

When it comes to the best Pakistani recipe for vegetarians then Aalu gobhi is something that mouth-watering. It includes potato, cauliflower, spices, and the right blend of every ingredient to make a perfect combination.

Aloo Gobi Recipe

The dish originated from the Indian Subcontinent and is almost loved by the people of this continent. It offers a great taste or blends of spices that work together and foam the right flavor. Moreover, in different regions of Pakistani people add-on some other vegetables for colors like peas, tomato, onion, ginger, and much more.

While preparing for the Aalu gobhi it is important to select the right ingredients with the fresh and pure vegetable choice. You have to choose the perfect pick option in cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, and any other option you are going to add to the recipe.

It requires first to cook the onion and spices in cookware to prepare a fine mixture. Then add cauliflower and potato and let them cook for a while or until tender. Moreover, add some mixed spices, ginger, garlic, coriander, cumin, and other related spices to enhance the taste.

It is the best Pakistani recipe with the variation in taste that brings quality assurance to satisfy the taste buds. Moreover, the use of turmeric in the dish improves value and taste.

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Those who love to have vegetarian dishes on the dinner or lunch menu can enjoy the perfect taste of Aalu gobhi. It is best to prepare for the routine menu or serve special guests on dinner or lunch. Further, you can consume it with traditional bread or chapati, and with plain boiled rice.    


Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is one of the exotic and tasty add-ons on the menu when you have some guests expected at home. Or it can be the best Pakistani recipe to serve on a special occasion like a gathering, wedding, or any other function.

Different types of Tandoori Chicken

The chicken is marinated with the spice mix in the yogurt and left for a few hours or recommended to leave over the night for the best taste. It is cooked inside a clay oven that is cylindrical in shape and provides equal heat to the chicken in cooking. It is popular in Pakistan and prepared differently in different regions.

The main difference in cooking the tandoori chicken comes with the spices that are added to the yogurt for marination. It is preferable to add some cuts over the chicken surface and let it soak well in the yogurt mixture.

The purpose is all to have the perfect blend of the tandoori spices deep inside the chicken. Usually, the spices used for the marination are black pepper, cayenne pepper, red chili powder, turmeric, or tandoori mixed spices. You can prepare the whole chicken or cut it into four equal pieces, depending on your preferences.

While cooking tandoori chicken it is important that every part get equal heat during the cooking process. The pieces are put over the skewers and placed inside the tandoor for cooking with the heat of the charcoal.

Tandoori chicken is the best Pakistani recipe that is served to satisfy the taste buds. It is served with the sauce or some raita of choice. Tandoori chicken is popular because of the preparation process and serving.

It is best to enjoy with friends in a gathering as a main course or serve as a starter. Due to the less use of oil, it is best for those who are following the special diet plan.       


Kashmiri chai

The other best Pakistani recipe is Kashmiri chai which is famous among the regions due to its taste and color. It is a traditional drink people prefer to enjoy in winters or even the spring season.

Pink Tea Recipe

It is made with common ingredients including green tea leaves, baking soda, and milk. First of all, green tea leaves, cook in the water with adding baking soda or allow to cook until the leaves completely leave the color and taste in the water. Further, adding the cold water in the process helps to get the perfect pink color of the tea.

While preparing the baking soda consider the important ingredients that work as the taste and color enhancer. The serving is usually with salt or sugar up to the taste of a person. Due to the taste, color and fragrances, Kashmiri chai is one of the best beverages served on various occasions.

People add it as a complimentary item at weddings, gatherings, serving guests at home, and much more. In winters it is the most desirable option to have and enjoy breakfast, lunch, and evening tea. To improve the outlook with serving in some traditions people use to add some nuts, cream, or other options of choices.

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While preparing Kashmiri chai it is better to add some nuts and sugar that are usually done at commercial serving. But at home people prefer to prepare it without sugar. You can better add the almonds, pistachio, or nuts of your choice to improve the flavor. Moreover, you are open to adding them just before the serving. People will enjoy it with the Kashmiri bread for breakfast or as a serving drink for guests.        



Jalebi is the best sweet option that is popular all around Asia. In Pakistan people love to have them and prepare them on all special occasions. It is the best Pakistan recipe with the right blend of sweetness, color, and outlook.

Jalebi Recipe Variations

Due to the amazing taste and outlook, jalebi served as the warm and cold dessert option. It is preparing with simple home available ingredients include sugar, all-purpose flour, baking soda, and another taste essence. By combining them together a perfect blend of mixture prepares to fill life with sweetness.

While preparing the jalebi it is important to maintain the right consistency for the batter and make sure the oil is not overheated. The use of a fine cloth will help a lot to prepare the right circles of jalebi over the oil pan and let them cook over the medium flame.

Meanwhile, sugar syrup is prepared with the perfect thick consistency. Make sure that sugar syrup will not turn too thick because it will not be able to soak inside the jalebi. When jalebi cooks well and turns light brown then transfer it into the sugar syrup and soak for a while until the sweetness is absorbed properly.

To enhance the taste, it is great to add some essence or food color. In many traditions, it is best to add on the occasions for the celebrations. Further, jalebi will be best and comes in variation to taste, shape, size, and thickness. It is best Pakistani recipes that it must serve as an option on the celebrations and people enjoy as the normal sweet dish.        


Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is a traditional dessert of Pakistan made with the combination of powdered milk or evaporated milk called khoya. It is the best Pakistani recipe that people not only make at home but also prefer to buy from the sweet shops on various occasions.

Gulab Jamun recipe

At different events like weddings, celebrations, and on different occasions, Gulab jamun is the most desirable sweet dish. It is made with pure khoya or powdered milk mix with sugar to prepare the dough. Further, the balls will be prepared and fry in oil to have a fine outlook.

While in the preparation the sugar syrup is prepared and fried balls are added into the syrup and soak for a few minutes. After that arrange them in a dish and serve with the perfect garnishing techniques.

It is amazing to add some nuts over the Gulab jamun right before serving. The dessert is amazing and really satisfying for the sweet tooth. People will enjoy the warm and cold Gulab jamun at various events or in routine as well. It is best to prepare at home to add as a dessert in making the dinner or lunch table filled with sweetness.

It is custom to serve and have the Gulab jamun as the main dessert option on various occasions. The taste, aroma, and variation in shape and serving ways make it really inspiring and delicious to enjoy. It is one of the best Pakistani recipes in desserts that is really appreciated by the people of all regions.     


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